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Grange Hall Archives - Historical Society of Chittenden, Vermont

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Grange Hall Project, Phase III Finish

Basement Interior

Basement Interior

Phase III Finish

The final part of Phase III resulted in a finished, functional gathering place the Chittenden community can enjoy. The interior finish brings all the work up to this point to an intermediate completion the Historical Society and people of Chittenden can be proud of. The gallery below shows the final work being done. See the first Grange Hall Post for more information. ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase IV


Back of Grange Hall

Phase IV

Phase IV consisted of landscaping with terraces around the building and creating  driveways and the park and ride parking lot. Also some preparation for the next phase included insulating the walls with spray in foam while the windows got insulation treatments inside and out with insulated blinds and storm windows. See first Grange Hall post for more information. ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase III Framing

Kitchen and mechanical room walls

Phase III Framing

This Phase included the installation of the accessibility lift, pouring the cement floor in the lower level and re-slating of the roof. The final steps were framing the interior of the new lower level space and addition.  See first Grange Hall post for more information. ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase II – Main Floor

Original Tall Windows

Original Tall Windows

Phase II – Main Floor

The slide show that follows shows improvements made to the main floor in 2007-2008.  See first Grange Hall post for more information. ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase II – Addition

Roof Trim on the Addition

Roof Trim on the Addition

Phase II – Addition

The slide show below shows the process in building the addition in 2007-2008. See first 

Grange Hall post ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase II – Basement

New Steel Beam Support

New Steel Beam Support

Phase II – Basement

This Phase included improvements to the building itself and in this section the foundation was improved to better support the building. See the slide show showing the basement improvements of Phase II made in 2006 and 2007. See first Grange Hall post for more information. ...  read more

Grange Hall Project, Phase I


Phase I

In 2000 the society, working under the Board of Selectmen, formed the Historic Buildings Preservation Committee (HBPC) to restore and repair the town’s historic public buildings. At present restoration of the North Chittenden Grange Hall is under way. The 1833 building originally housed
a Congregational Church, but by the early 1880s it became a Grange Hall. In 1906 it was purchased by the town and used as a town hall, alternating with the one in South Chittenden. Having fallen into disrepair, it is being restored for use as a cultural and recreational center to embrace all ages of residents. ...  read more

Grange Hall Progress 2006


Changes are taking place at the old Grange Hall in North Chittenden. The Historic Building Preservations Committee, which operates only with the approval of both the Selectmen and the Historical Society, has been planning the restoration of the historic 1830 building for a while, and now the plans are being put into action. This fall the project was broken into five phases to achieve use of the building as soon as possible. The first phase, scheduled for 2006, was to install the well and septic system and to move the access back to the original road site. And it is done!

In the spring of 2007, construction will begin on the shell of a small addition on the southeast side. This will also address some structural conditions on the southeast side and roof. An engineered support system will be installed under the Grange Hall floor. (The pronounced sag in the floor was one reason the Selectmen banned use of the building for safety reasons.) The finished lower level will include a catering kitchen plus a bathroom and lift in the small addition.

Later, a third phase will address the outer shell; the fourth, the interior of the hall, the addition and the lower level; and last will be the final landscaping.

The committee welcomes donations of labor, materials and expertise to keep the project’s cost to the taxpayers as low as possible. Financial support is welcome also. Please support the forthcoming fundraising activities in the works for later in the spring. Donations by check may be made to Town of Chittenden Historic Preservation Fund, Chittenden Town Clerk, PO Box 89, Chittenden, VT 05737.