Grange Hall Project, Phase II – Addition

Phase II – Addition

Roof Trim on the Addition

Roof Trim on the Addition

The slide show below shows the process in building the addition in 2007-2008. See first Grange Hall post for more information.

A listing of all improvements in this Phase are included here.

  • complete architectural and engineering plans
  • all state permits required so far have been obtained
  • leveled the sagging floor
  • leveled the basement floor and add gravel
  • installed insulated sub-basement heating ducts
  • installed engineered iron support beam system under floor
  • replaced rotted southeast corner post and other damaged pieces
  • built shell of addition to house lift and baths
  • added cement block to the foundation and raise grade
  • attach well and septic service into building
  • original balcony and coffered ceiling revealed
  • restoration of the exterior shell
  • replace windows to original tall design
  • exterior painting and grading