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Cataloguing at the Chittenden Historical Society - Historical Society of Chittenden, Vermont

Cataloguing at the Chittenden Historical Society

Cataloging Continues in 2006

Beginning in the spring of 2007, the society embarked on a process of cataloging and indexing its collections for easier retrieval of information in the future. Photos are being identified, indexed and placed in protective covers in albums for easier viewing. Separate indexed books are being filled with biographies, genealogies and obituaries. The society welcomes new materials to add to its collections. The collections will be put on the computer donated to the society in 2007. Limited copying is available on a donated printer.

Some elements of the Historical Society are moving upstairs. The Society is in the process of revitalizing and refitting the little room upstairs in Town Hall as a resource room. A major factor in the decision is that the computer can be left on a desk instead of being disassembled and put into the vaults as is now necessary because the little room downstairs sees so much use by other groups. Also the Society will have more room for books, pictures and other materials and artifacts of interest.

The Society is open to welcome visitors on Tuesday afternoons between 1:30 and 5.

Cataloging Continues in 2006